Interaction Design with passion since 2005

Hired as a small freelancer for companies and brands with big ambitions

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  • Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Visual Designs
  • Usability Testing
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Designing for humans


Experience in both mobile web and native apps design.


Designing and building websites with a thorough understanding of the web.

Responsive design

Responsive design does not mean to design the same experience 3 times. It means designing an experience that allows the context to form the content in a beautiful way.

Rapid Prototyping

Interaction design is probably the easiest to prototype. Prototype fast and often is the best way to validate and improve any interaction design.

Love for Lean Startup & Agile UX

Started beginning 2012 as an experiment to get idea's out there and evolved into believing in working, thinking and designing LEAN.

400 Minutes

A different perspective on Agile UX

In 2011, I decided to use my tedious travel time to conduct an experiment: Could I take an idea from concept to working product using only the time on my daily commute? The answer was not only a yes, but quickly turned from one project to several.

The 400 minute project challenges me to take risks in both design, ideation and business concepts. It eliminates the fear or tireless hours of preparation in favor of stretching my imagination. I can flex my design muscles while I use the 400 minute time constraint to prioritize and produce interesting, and risky this website!

Have a good idea for a 400 minute project? Contact me

One Click Bookshop

One Click Bookshop

The one that started it all. The idea is simple: choice is overrated. You can buy a book for a guy or a girl and will receive a surprise book.

Other finished projects in 400 minutes

Don't Sleep in

Don't sleep in

Why can you only get Wake Up calls at a hotel? 'Don't Sleep In' is the wakeup call for your home.



Together with Reinout Wolfert

As simple as it gets. Upload a letter, enter the address and your letter will be posted. This project actually seems to work as hundreds of letters are already sent.

400 Minutes

400 Minutes

After doing 3 projects I started to realize that the process was starting to become more interesting than the end products. To try to capture the process I created the blog (and name) 400 Minutes.


Where would You go!

Where Would You Go (WWYGO)

let your friends decide on where you should go for your next holiday. WWYGO allows all your friends to plan a holiday for you!


Let's make conferences social. For the interaction14 conference in Amsterdam I went all out. I made a website to make everything social; from the talks to drinks to even sharing your hotelroom



The site you are looking at right now is actually created in 400 minutes. I used all the knowledge from the previous projects to update the site.


You Snooze, You lose!

You Snooze, You lose!

'You Snooze, You lose!' is an alarm app for Android which makes you donate to charity every time you snooze.



In an attempt to create a social booksharing website I made Leenboek, which allows you to rent a book instead of buy it.



After validating that people were willing to spend money on renting books I created BookerBase to validate if people were willing to share their bookcollection with the world.


Mega Map Map

Mega Map Map

Using google maps as an engine Mega Map Map allows you to easily plan a round trip and share it with your friends



After following a few twitterfeeds I was amazed about the diversity of issue's people doubt about. So I created this website to help people decide on simple questions. (Dutch)

I will show it

I will show it

When I created this, chatroulette, pictionairy and wordfeud were hot. '' combines these three into a webcam game of hints.


Mega Map Map

Forgot your name

I noticed people are attending meetings more and more with their laptops. That combined with the fact that I forget people's names the moment they pronounce it, made me come up with this tool to help you remember peoples names.



This actually is one of the few non functional products I made in 400 minutes. I created a slide deck pitching a game for Spotify and submitted it after 400minutes.


Redesign LimoenGroen

As an experiment, I wanted to see what you could do in 400 minutes regarding the visual identity of a Drupal company in Amsterdam.(dutch)


Last Minute Souvenir

Last Minute Souvenir

Buy and sell your Souvenir's online. In short, this is an eBay where souvenirs can be traded and placed on a map.


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